Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bicentennial maid service.

Here's some newish stuff I've done. The first is for the bicentennial of Madison County (not the one with the bridges... although I'm sure there are bridges.) Then we have some Keaner maid service mailers. If your you are born with the name keaner I think you must be destined to be a cleaner.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Find who?

Here is some video work I did for a Columbus based dating site. This was alot of fun because it gave me a chance to use some of my new software. I thought it turned out pretty awsome. Heres the video. I edited it down just to give an example.

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Some logos ive done over the last yeat or so.

Soft Step Carpet!

I did this big hunk of design stuff for a local carpet distributor. They really wanted to work on there "branding" and appeal to suburban and country dwellars but still looking professional. So i stuck with a basic red, green, orange triad and put that kinda painterly patch work in there. I thought it worked out pretty well and the patchwork gave a carpet sample/crafty element that I hoped would work for them.


A softball group here in columbus approached me about designing a logo and assembling a video for a world series pitch. I liked the idea of using the softball stiching in the design and I also tried to carry it through to the video. Heres a sample of the video... I edited it down so people could get the idea withought watchng the whole pitch. They actually did win the bid! and they said that they were really impressed with the video! Take that Dallas!

Local Flyers

I did theses flyers for a local bar doing a toys for tots charity event. I did the Illustrations too! These were pretty fun, I couldnt go though so i didnt get to see what kind of crowd they brought out.

Web of designs

Check out these screen caps from some sites I worked on. They all turned out pretty good...
heres the links to all of them if you wanna check em out. www.jamesdeanhaskins.com www.millurboyette.com www.theshazzbots.com